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Buying process

Buying process

Purchase Steps & necessary documents:
The process of purchasing a property involves several steps:

1. Determine your budget;
2. Know your needs (typologie, location ...);
3. Select with the help of the sales consultant to visit;
4. Make property visits with the consultant to get to know all the characteristics of the property;
5. Select the property you like and which is based on your interests;
6. Formalize and complete all reservation documents for the property to be removed from sale;
7. Collect all documents required to purchase the property and the bank loan (if applicable);
8. Formalize and approve funding (if required);
9. Conclude the agreement of purchase and sale and Scripture brand;
10. Deed of purchase and sale


- Photocopy of identification document (C.C / Passport) and taxpayer.
- Documentation proving loan *;
- IRS settlement note and last IRS *;
- Last three pay stubs and Letter from the employer *;
- Photocopies of extracts from all accounts (last three months) *.
* Documents required for bank loan.

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